31 Aug 2011,QA 1

Guruji, should we have some criteria or minimum qualifications set as a prerequisite in order to become an MP or an MLA? What are the qualities we should look for to elect our politicians?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

What are the qualifications to be a politician - this is the question. The ideal situation is when they don’t want anything for themselves but want to serve the people. The ideal situation is what – I am content, I have everything I need, now I want to serve the population, serve the people. This intention indicates that you are now capable or qualified to care for the society. This is the most ideal. The second is I will do my best in my capacity to represent people, take their voice and bring back what they want for themselves. Two things: you have to take their voice to the assembly and bring back to them what is needed by them.