31 Dec 2011 - QA 7

Guruji, we are in 151 countries now, but what is next?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

I leave you to have your own vision.

We have completed 30 years of the Art of Living now. We had started the celebrations for this in 2011, which will continue in 2012. And making life a celebration is our motto.

There are many parts of the world we have not reached, we should reach those parts. And in Europe also we will bring a wave of celebration and happiness everywhere.

The rest I will leave to you. You should all come up with your own idea and vision and see what you would like to achieve and what you would like to do.

Leave your personal interest here and think of a global interest. Keep all your needs aside.

Take a vision for the world and for the society and I will take care of your personal needs. You leave that to me.

When you are ready to do something big for the society, for the world and for everybody then your needs will always be taken care of. You will never lack behind.

If you are only thinking of yourself, there is no joy or happiness in it.

There is an old Sanskrit proverb which says, ‘there is no joy in small things. That which is big and grand only can bring you happiness.’

So have a big vision for the world, the society and for the Art of Living and work towards that. Your day to day requirements and your small needs will anyways be fulfilled.

What you want is all coming true. Anyway you are getting all the blessings for yourself.

So be dynamic and don’t be lazy. You can’t say, ‘oh Guruji said stay centered. Forget about everything, it is anyway all taken care of.’ No! Don’t be lazy. Be dynamic and stay centered. This is a very important combination.