4 Mar 2012 - QA 11

Guruji, I am obsessed with sex and such kind of activities for a long period. I am not able to focus on anything. I want to come out of it but cannot. If I stop myself, I really feel suffocated and suppressed.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

If you engage yourself in some creative work, then sex will not bother you so much. If you have nothing to do, you are not focused on achieving something, or doing some creative work, or having a goal or some dedication in life, then naturally the only other outlet for your energy is sex. That will bother you day and night. You will go and see all the pornographic websites and lose your sleep.

One youth was telling me that he keeps watching such things and he doesn’t get sleep at all. He has lost sleep. This is what will happen.

The best way to channel your energy is to engage yourself.

Just remember your school or college days during the exam period, your sex urge was the least because you had something to achieve. Day and night you are just memorizing or reading the books and you had no time for anything else. In the exam period sex did not cross your mind. But when you are so free, what will happen? You are in your youth!

There are four options:

First, engage yourself in some creative work.
Second, watch your food. If you are eating too much and all that food has become energy, then it needs an outlet, and if you are not doing any exercise, or yoga, or pranayama, then definitely sex urge will come.

Third, if there is hormone imbalance, then obsessions can come up because of too much of hormones.
Fourth, it is just a matter of age. Wait for some years and it will all disappear. You are bothered by sex between the age of 15 years to around 40 or 45 years. But if you are bothered even beyond that, if you are 60 and you say, ‘I am obsessed with sex’, then there is something seriously wrong. You need medical care.

So, take care of all of these. If you are just in your teens, or twenties or thirties, may be this is just a passing phase, and just the age factor.