5 August 2011 QA 7

Dearest Guruji, I am extremely shy and rigid because of my very strict upbringing. How can I become more expressive and loving?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Okay, you want to really change? You start right away. First of all you remove this label that you have put on your head.' I am shy and rigid', who said you are shy and rigid? Come on, you don’t know yourself, accept it. If you think you are shy and rigid, your own thought is making it a reality. You are sowing the seeds - I am shy, I am rigid. So the seed you have sown will make you become that. So, right now, from today, you admit you don’t know your mind, you don’t know yourself. You were shy and rigid in the past, but no longer, not this moment. You must take this step. Remove this label that you have put, ‘shy’ and ‘rigid’. Leave it label-less for some time and see what happens.