5 Jan 2012 - QA 12

What can I do for you from now on?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Keep smiling. Live the knowledge and spread happiness.

I want more and more of you to spread happiness in the world. If you can start in small groups at your home, and invite one of the Art of Living teachers to conduct meditations, that will be very good.

You can throw a meditation party for people, welcome people. That would be very nice. You can become a teacher yourself. Or you can help in any of the seva projects. Be part the of Euro-a-Day. That can help.

We have thirty thousand children today, whom we are supporting through Euro-a-Day programme. These children, who would otherwise have been in labour camps, who would have been doing work, are now getting good education, free education and food. It is a very touching project.

Those of you here who would like to associate with University projects are most welcome to do it. The Orissa government in India has approved our University. We just got our approval and so we’ll be having a medical Ayurvedic college. We already have one with many other disciplines there, Osteopathy, Ayurveda, and Nursing.

We will give the best of the east and the west to the youths of the world. Any of you, who are professors and want to come as a visiting professor or want to teach there, you are most welcome. Anyone who wants to do fund raising for this, you are most welcome.

We are also planning something in Israel and Palestine. We’ll do something there.

Most of you here in Germany, I want to create a big wave of happiness. Some celebration in city after city, small little towns, we can go and have people come together and meditate.
Throw away all the Prozac and anti-depressants and breathe and be happy. That will be very good.

We can all make groups of four or five and on weekends travel to small, big or little towns or cities, call people and create a wave of happiness. I want the Prozac sale in Germany to go down in this year 2012. I have heard that thirty per cent of the population here is addicted to it.

Forty percent of the school teachers are depressed here. If one in every two and a half teachers is depressed, what will they transmit to the children? If a teacher is depressed, children will be depressed. This is a serious issue. I think all Germans should do something so that we can create a revolution to bring about a change in this society, where people are happy.
See, this cannot be achieved through just money, or through government or laws, nothing. It needs a human touch. And you can all give that human touch.