7 Feb 2012 - QA 5

Guruji, often I have observed that God gives me all worldly things without fail, but in case of self-realization, why is it that I am being ignored and denied by the almighty? Why the wait?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

No, you are never denied that. Almighty never denies you self-realization.

Keep doing your sadhana, keep doing seva. And in advance course you understand, when you sit in silence and when you say ’I am’ in the ‘I am’ meditation, you see everything is a dream.
Everything is changing but something in me is not changing. That is it!

Do not imagine that your self-realization is one day some atma is going to come in front of you and say, ’hey! I am here!’ That is not going to happen.

The soul is not a subject of knowledge or a subject of knowing. It is the knower.