9 Oct 2011-QA-26

(A member of an audience asked a question and it was inaudible)

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Yes, that’s why even when there is pain and suffering the Divine has not left you, and is always with you. You have been blessed and helped to move along. But that doesn’t mean you invite more suffering and inflict more suffering into yourself.
See when we say we need to eliminate suffering, the church of Germany said this is wrong. We just had a meeting; our people had a meeting with the Evangelical church in Germany. They said it was all fine but you talk against suffering. You say you should not suffer but suffering is so important. This is the logic they were giving.
They said you are speaking against suffering but suffering is important. Without suffering life is not complete. Can you understand this dilemma? They say you must suffer in order to feel the experience of blessing.
You don’t need to encourage suffering. In that case then every criminal has inflicted suffering on others and made them to pray to God, then he must be having a lot of good karma by turning everybody towards God and creating, inflicting suffering on millions of people. No, no this is the wrong understanding. Suffering anyway comes, when it comes you pray but desiring for suffering is masochism.