Earthquake Relief Efforts

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  1. Disaster Relief Testimonial1

    Martine, leads a group of Art of Living youth leaders She emailed a report and pictures of the street children the group is working with. She signed off with I love you. Big kisses. This email was sent just hours before the earthquake ripped open her neig ...
  2. Disaster relief- Testimonial7

    Arshad Khan "Every morning I used to wake up with a jolt, my whole body used to ache and at night I used to be very scared of noises and I missed my mother who died in the earthquake. Now I feel very relaxed and no longer afraid of noises." Aged ...
  3. Disaster relief- Sichuan Earthquake

    A 14 year-old girl student of Shifang School <p>&ldquo;I remember being buried with my dead classmates around me under the concrete pile and mess. Only three others survived. Please thank those [Art of Living] teachers for me. After doing the ex ...
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