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  1. Gurudev, in the fifteenth chapter of the Gita, there is a description of a tree which is upside down. The branches are in the ground and the roots are in the sky. Can you please explain the significance of this?

    This is a symbol to signify that your origin is the Divinity; the consciousness. That is your roots.
    The mind and all its paraphernalia are like the branches. And all the different types of rhythms in life, all the different emotions, etc., are like t ...
  2. Suicide Is The Most Foolish Thing

    Q: Dear Gurudev, I have had thoughts of suicide many times in my life. What happens if one commits suicide? Suicide Is the most foolish thing a person can ever do. It is like, someone is shivering in the cold and he goes out and removes all his clothes. W ...
  3. Gurudev, is life easy or difficult? In Buddhism, they say, ‘The first truth is that life is difficult’, and you say that life is joy. Which one is true? Don’t tell me that both are right.

    Why? I will say that only! Both statements are true. When a sad person feels that life is sorrow, if you tell him that life is joy, he will not be able to understand. He will only be able to understand that there is sorrow i ...
  4. Gurudev, When life ends the world does not end. But when the world ends life ends. Is there an end to this world?

    If you see a tennis ball and ask me where does the ball begin and where does it end, what can I say?
    Three things in the world that neither begins nor end.
    1. The Divine light or the consciousness has no beginning and no end.
    2. Life has no ...
  5. Gurudev, How to utilize this life properly? I feel like I have wasted twenty seven years of my life. I want to be useful now.

    Well, it is a very good realization. You want to be useful, that is a very good intention.
    So first the realization comes, ‘I have wasted’, and then the resolution comes, ‘I want to be useful’, and then nothing stops you. Go ahead, it is very good.
  6. Gurudev, Does everybody have a role to play or some purpose to do in their life? Does the consciousness decide something before it is born in each life?

    Correct, you got it! Every life has a purpose. Not a blade of grass is here without a purpose.
    It will open up at its right time naturally. You just keep doing your duty. Keep yourself hollow and empty. Meditate and do service and you will see everyth ...
  7. Gurudev, How can we know that we are following and fulfilling our destiny?

    Something in your gut feeling will tell you.
    How do you know if you have eaten enough? How do you know you slept enough? In the same way when you are doing the right thing your heart will tell you, ‘yes, I am doing the right thing.’ ...
  8. Gurudev, what is life? What is Art of Living?

    The Art of Living is keeping your mind under control even in adverse conditions and being in equanimity and then accepting people as they are.
    Not all people will be like you, but do not go away from the relationship because they are different, and ha ...
  9. Tendencies and Influences

    Life moves by dual (two) factors: inner tendencies and outer influences Inner tendencies form your attitudes and behavior, while external influences makes strong impressions in your mind. Often your tendencies generate external situations. And situations ...
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