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  1. Gurudev, many of us farmers have come to the ashram from Nepal. Can you please discuss a little about organic farming?

    Yes, we must all promote organic farming. I will ask our agriculture department to hold a separate session for this with all of you. They will show you the permaculture techniques here.You know, the bottle gourd that we have grown using organic farm ...
  2. The Other Side Of Friendliness

    Secretaries, police, judges, accountants and people in key positions should not be friendly! The main disadvantages of being friendly are: You come under obligation You lose your freedom You can't have a free and fair perception. Your thoughts and ac ...
  3. Love and Authority

    Love and authority are totally opposite values yet they co-exist. The grosser the consciousness, authority has to be more pronounced. The more refined and subtle the consciousness, lesser is the need to exercise authority. When you are gross, you demand a ...
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