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  1. Only speak Knowledge.

    Thu, 04/30/2009
    Only speak Knowledge. Don't repeat anything that someone tells you or opinions about anyone that someone states -- “That so-and-so said such-and-such about you.” If someone comes to tell you such things, discourage them. Don't believe it. If someone blam ...
  2. Respect everybody as you respect me

    Sat, 04/25/2009
    Respect everybody as you respect me, but don’t expect from everyone what you expect from me.You usually do it the other way: You don’t respect everybody as you respect me, but you expect them to give you joy and behave ideally. When they don’t live up to y ...
  3. Love

    Fri, 04/24/2009
    When love glows, it is bliss.When it flows, it is compassion.When it blows, it is anger.When it ferments, it is jealousy.When it is all "no's", it is hatred.When it acts, it is perfection.When love knows, it is me. ...
  4. The Washing Machine

    Wed, 04/08/2009
    Our body is like a washing machine. Our mind is like cloth. Love is like pure water. Knowledge is detergent. Each life­time is one wash cycle. The mind comes into the body to get cleansed and pure. But if you put in mud instead of detergent, your clothes ...
  5. Window Shutters

    Mon, 03/23/2009
    Awareness depends upon your ability to open and shut your windows. When there is a storm, you need to shut your windows – otherwise you will get wet. When it is hot and suffocating inside, you need to open your windows. Your senses are like windows. When y ...
  6. Freedom and Discipline

    Fri, 03/20/2009
    Freedom and discipline are opposites and they are also complementary.The purpose of defense is to protect freedom. But is there freedom in defense? Do soldiers have freedom? No, they are bound, not allowed to put the right foot down when told the left foot ...
  7. Technology

    Fri, 03/13/2009
    The purpose of technology is to harness nature to bring information and comfort to human beings. When spiritual values, human values - are ignored and neglected, instead of bringing comfort, technology brings fear and destruction. Technology without human ...
  8. With Whom Are You At Ease?

    Thu, 03/12/2009
    With whom do you feel really comfortable and at ease?With someone who does not question your love, someone who takes for granted that you love them. Isn’t it?When someone doubts your love and you constantly have to prove it, this becomes a heavy load on yo ...
  9. God is a Thorough Businessman

    Sat, 03/07/2009
    The divine has given you all the small pleasures in the world but has kept the bliss to Himself*.To get the highest bliss you have to go to Him and Him alone.Don’t be too smart with the Divine and try to fool Him. Most of your prayers and rituals are just ...
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