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  1. Sri Sri's New Year Message

    Wed, 12/31/2014
    Changing Time, Unchanging Witness A New Year is the time when a lot of people stumble at the realization, "Oh! Another year has gone by!" We wonder for a few moments at the current of time that flows by, and then again we get busy. The funny th ...
  2. A Calm Mind Is The Key To Clear Action

    Tue, 12/09/2014
    This thought just occurred to me some time back. A king does not have any friends, and a saint has no enemies. A king will be at a disadvantage if he begins to have friends. Similarly, if a saint has enemies, then he too will be at a loss in so ...
  3. Satisfying Your Spiritual Hunger

    Sun, 12/07/2014
    (Announcement: Jai Guru Dev, today we have with us a person who has achieved great heights in organic farming. His name is Mr. Khan and he is harvesting around 800 different types of paddy in a nearby village called Malavalli. During his great ...
  4. A Sign Of Evolution

    Sat, 12/13/2014
    (Below is a continuation of the post The Answer Is: LOVE) Gurudev, how can a person become a better meditator? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: See, there is no better or worse meditator. Just be in the present moment and be happy. Instead of continuously ...
  5. Sri Sri's Message On Christmas

    Wed, 12/24/2014
    This time of the year, it is cold and nature is still and silent. It is darker and there is lesser and lesser activity, and in the middle of all this, springs the celebration. When the sun is there, there is so much activity. But at that time o ...
  6. The Answer Is: LOVE

    Sat, 12/13/2014
    Gurudev, how does one get over attachment? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Why do you want to get over attachment? It is because it gives you pain. If it did not bring you pain, you would never think of getting rid of attachment. Attachment gives pain be ...
  7. Through The Eyes Of Wisdom

    Sun, 11/30/2014
    (Sri Sri Ravishankar launches PRERNA, which is an Art of Living initiative in celebration with SAARC Federation of oncologists. PRERNA is a special programs designed for cancers patients. Below is the transcript of Sri Sri's talk at the Federation of Oncol ...
  8. The Role Of A Guru

    Mon, 11/24/2014
    (Below is a continuation of the post Develop Your Emotional Intelligence) Gurudev, a few months ago my personal Guru left his physical body. I am not able to bear the grief of his absence and the void because of his departure. How can I console ...
  9. Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

    Mon, 11/24/2014
    (Below is a continuation of the post The Ultimate Love) Gurudev, I feel that people around me deceive me very quickly and easily. What pleasure do they get in doing such things? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Whether they deceive you sooner or later, ho ...
  10. The Ultimate Love

    Mon, 11/24/2014
    Did you all realize that you meditated for 22 minutes? Could you feel the passage of time as you meditated? And did your mind wander away during this time? No, it did not wander even a bit. So you need to learn the skill and the art of making t ...
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