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  1. It is said that one get everything from surrender; then is it right to understand that those who have not got everything have not surrendered completely?

    One should think carefully before asking for everything also. If you ask for everything, it will include both the good and the bad. Joy, sorrow, problems, all these are included in everything. All these are part of life.

    See, there is no clari ...

  2. Sometimes I wonder, I have so many unending desires and you keep on fulfilling them. This makes me smile. How to get rid of hankering over desires Gurudev?

    You know your desires are getting fulfilled, that is enough. Be busy in fulfilling the desires of others, not your own desires.

    See, what is the significance of the Guru Disciple Tradition? It is for the Disciple to realize that desires are endl ...

  3. Gurudev, how does one become totally surrendered to God (Saranagati)? Please explain in detail.

    Wake up and see that nothing is yours; nothing that you have belongs to you, then you become totally surrendered (Saranagati).
    Or, see all that you have received, even when you were not deserving of it then also you become totally surrendere ...
  4. Gurudev, Devotion and Surrender are said to be signs of intelligence. But both Devotion and Surrender are beyond the intellect. Then how can they be its identifying features?

    See, truth is not of one type alone. Truth has many facets. So you can both prove and disprove any principle. Take any principle; you can prove it as both, correct and incorrect also. Both are possible, okay!
    Think about it! If you feel it is right t ...
  5. Gurudev, I am confused, in Hare Krishna movement they say surrender to Krishna and the process will take you to the spiritual world. You say, ‘Surrender to me and let go of all your problems.’ So what is the process in Art of Living to get back to the spiritual world?

    This is it!
    And Krishna also said, ‘Those who see me in everything and in everybody, and everybody in me are the most intelligent.’ Why did you forget that?!
    And He also said, ‘I will keep coming in every age’, right! ...
  6. Gurudev, in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, ‘My birth (janam) and actions (karm) are both Divine.’ Please elaborate on this.

    Yes, when you acquire self-knowledge, then you feel that your birth and your actions are both Divine. This understanding comes to you.
    Once discipline and morals are established in you, then you just cannot commit mistakes. Not a single bad word comes ...
  7. Gurudev, I want to fully surrender myself to you.

    No, don’t do it at all. Why do you want to surrender? Why do you have to surrender? No need. Just relax!
    Your wanting to surrender becomes such a big work for you and for me; headache! You don’t need to surrender, just relax. What do you need to surre ...
  8. Gurudev, what is surrender? Is it not running away from situations?

    No! In the situation after having done whatever needs to be done, what cannot be done, that is surrendered. ...
  9. Gurudev, if one is meeting failure at every step of their life and even after coming to the Guru, one experiences even more failure then what should one do? What knowledge can one apply to such a situation?

    If that is happening, then every time your project fails rejoice, ‘today this project of mine has failed!’ And then surrender it.
    If you are unable to let go off of your failure then how will you ever let go of success.
    When you fail at anything, ...
  10. What is the difference between ‘to surrender’ or ’to give-up’?

    Don’t worry about surrender just relax and feel at home. When you are angry or frustrated you say, ‘I give up’.
    But when you say, ‘well this is very important but I can’t do anything about it. Let the divine take over. Let a higher power take care of ...
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