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  1. Commitment and Convenience

    A commitment can only be felt when it oversteps convenience. That which is convenient, you do not call commitment. If you just go on your convenience, your commitment falls apart causing more inconvenience! If you keep dropping your commitment because it ...
  2. Seekers Beware

    You can only seek that which you know and when you really know, you already have it. You cannot seek something which you do not know. And what ever you are seeking and where ever you seek it? always only One; and the One is what you already are. And so-- ...
  3. Six Signs Of A Seeker

    Acknowledging that one knows very little Many people think they know, without knowing or they get stuck in their limited knowledge. So they never learn. So the first thing is to acknowledge that one knows very little. Willingness to know Many people ackno ...
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