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  1. Einstein’s special theory of relativity which gives us E=MC2 is based on the fact that the speed of light is the only thing that doesn’t change. Can you say something about that?

    With the discovery of dark matter and dark energy they say that there is a very big difference. Even the measurement of light is only relative, it is not absolute.
    In that sense, love, light, etc., cannot be measured, it is all part of the Divinity, i ...
  2. Three types of space

    Today I want to tell you about three type of space. One is the external space, in which all the four elements are there. The second type of space is the inner space where thoughts and emotions come from. When you close your eyes – that is inner space. And ...
  3. Why do we take birth and what is the point in taking birth and dying, and then again taking birth?

    Do you know games? I don’t understand why you play games.
    Why do you play cricket?
    Somebody runs and throws the ball, then someone bats and throws it again and then to catch it so many people run behind it. What is the meaning of it? If they want ...
  4. Gurdev, are all the five elements equal, or is the space element superior to the other elements?

    Yes, among the five elements, the space element is a little different.
    Space is just a witness – like the soul.
    All other four elements exist within the space element. There is no Earth, Water, Air or Fire without Space. The basis of these four ele ...
  5. How can being with nature, which is outside, take us to our nature, which is inside? Can you please elaborate on the connection between nature and spirituality?

    This is called ‘Laya Samadhi’. If you keep observing the sky, keep looking at the sky then at some point the eyes close and all that you feel is sky outside and sky inside. You become black.
    Similarly you do sun gazing, watch the sunset. You can’t wat ...
  6. Gurudev, please comment on the significance of lunar eclipse and the restrictions imposed around this event. It is generally recommended not to look at the moon, and to not eat food for a few hours before the eclipse as it might cause indigestion. Please throw some light on this.

    Yes, you can watch the lunar eclipse, no problem! It is a celestial phenomenon. Only solar eclipse should not be watched with naked eyes. You should wear some glasses because the rays are harmful.
    Why our ancient people said not to eat at the time of e ...
  7. Nature is giving us everything but why is it so furious against everything in this world. Why natural calamities, earthquakes, floods?

    Natural calamities occur because it is part of its nature. Secondly we have not been utilizing nature properly. We have been too greedy. We put dynamites on earth and blast it every day. One day the earth will shake; the earth is a living organism. ...
  8. Your Nature is Shiva

    Peace is your nature, yet you remain restless. Freedom is your nature, yet you remain in bondage. Happiness is your nature, yet you become miserable for some reason or another. Contentment is your nature, yet you continue to reel in desires. Benevolence i ...
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