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  1. The Primal Instinct

    Fear is an impression of the past reflecting about the future of the present. When people deny fear, they become egocentric, when they recognize and accept fear, they go beyond...get free from it. Total lack of fear is possible only in utter chaos or utmo ...
  2. The Other Side Of Fear

    The Usefulness of Fear, Nature has put an amount of inbuilt fear in all living beings. This fear makes life defend itself, protect itself. Like salt in the food, a little bit of fear is essential for people to be righteous. Fear of hurting someone makes y ...
  3. Becoming defenceless

    Whenever a boundary is broken, it creates some fear. The fear creates dislike. This dislike puts us back in the boundary. And to keep yourself in the boundary you put forth defenses. When you try to defend your position, it is such a stress, isn't it ...
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