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  1. When Celebration becomes Service, there is no guilt. When Service becomes Celebration, there is no pride

    The time on this planet for us is a gift. When we consider time as a gift, our whole outlook towards life shifts. Like every year, 2011 also has offered you many gifts. With its thorns, it has made you strong; with its petals, it has given you joy. Any ev ...
  2. Learn and unlearn from the past: Become free

    Every year, we begin the New Year wishing others happiness and prosperity. What is the sign of prosperity? The sign of prosperity is freedom, a smile and the willingness to share with people around you, without fear. The sign of prosperity is the trust an ...
  3. 7 mantras to a prosperous life in 2012- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    . Time and again, reflect on your life in relation to the cosmos. It is not even a drop in the ocean. This awareness will simply drop all the smallness in you and you will be able to live every moment of your life. 2. Remind yourself of the highest goal ...
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