Aug 20,2011-QA 2

I find it difficult to say ‘no’ to people or situations. How do I say ‘no’ without hurting?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

When you were a child, you didn’t want to go to school. If your parents had said yes to you not going to school and didn’t say no to you, where you would have landed? Do you see what I am saying? Sometimes saying ‘no’ is for good of the person. You must say ‘no’.
Don’t worry about if you hurt them or not. Your saying ‘no’ is good for them, beneficial for them, is much more important than your trying not to hurt them. When you do exercise, it pains. If it pains, your exercise is good. Isn’t it? No pain no gain. If your saying ‘no’ is hurting others for no reason, then it is a different question. You should use your brain there.