Aug 8,2011-QA 5

(A member of the audience asked a question and it was inaudible)

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

You see if you listen to your own mind, your consciousness will tell you what it is that you need; your inside tells you.
When you are tired what do you need? Rest. When you are thirsty what do you need? Water. When you are hungry you need food. When your body is dull, you need a little more exercise, correct. In the same way when your mind has low energy, dull that’s when you need meditation.
Yes, sometimes you may fail to recognize what you really need, you don’t know. Like you know children sometimes they cry; they don’t know what they need. They want to go to sleep and they don’t know how to go to sleep and they cry, isn’t it. They are hungry they want to drink but they don’t know and they cry. Similarly whenever we are unhappy, miserable, know for sure we really need food for the soul. And food for soul is meditation. So you must take time and just meditate. It is effortless, no effort at all.

So in life everybody needs three things, one is Yoga. Yoga means to get what we don’t have. Yoga is what? Uniting or getting what you don’t have, what you need. Second is Bodh, being aware of what you have. Bodh means what? Awareness of what you have and Prem. Prem means love. Love, awareness and Yoga, these three things are essential, and spiritual path gives all the three.

Are you getting what you need? Here everyone is getting what you need? How many of you are getting what you need raise your hands. So see what you need, what you desire that is coming, and that is Yoga. If you want something and you never get it that means you have to go more into meditation; got it? That is Yoga.
Then bodh; are you grateful for what you have? (Many in the audience say ‘Yes’) Then definitely love wells up in our heart, right. So all three things come to you and that is our spiritual path. That’s the path, and The Art of Living brings you all the three. And how much you walk the path, how much you are into seva, how much you participate that much you get, right. Okay!