“Live and Act” international Youth Festival held in Poland

Putting environmental issues in the spotlight

"Take your life into your own hands and act, do something positive to change the reality” – that was the motto when for the first time the International Youth Festival ‘Live ’n’ Act took center stage in the city of Taraska in Poland from July 20th -– 21st.

The event saw hundreds of young people from all over Europe, representatives of NGOs, arts and culture coming together with the aim of raising awareness, supporting and finding new ways to save our environment as part of the Millennium Development Goals.

Organized by The Art of Living Foundation., the “Live and Act” event was a call to do something that will exert a positive influence upon your reality, add a new meaning to your life and surroundings. Participants could join the creative workshops, concerts, meetings with prominent leaders from the world of arts, sports, politics, science, learn and have fun in interactive sessions as well as to meet youth from all the world. And having a pure party – without the use of addictive substances.

Fun and dialogue - a perfect match

The Live 'n' Act Festival is the beginning of a large project, which aims to mobilize young people from all over the world to actively contribute to the surrounding reality. It gave the opportunity to exchange experience in the international forum and take real action pro-social and ecological, introducing real change in the world.

An important aspect of the festival was the exchange of ideas concerning actions taken to protect the environment and the creation of joint initiatives. The organizers welcomed the State Forests to present their activities and proposed concrete actions for the environment, which could take and implement the festival.

The Youth Festival in Poland combined two areas of life – celebration and service – wonderfully and naturally. If you deal with marketing you might think it would be hard to connect those two areas.

But it’s simple – before we do some serious planning to support the environment, practical strategies with budgets, governmental contacts, marketing plans – best charge your batteries and creativity with… music and dance! The most intense disco dancing of students, NGO reps - followed by responsibility and millennium development goals. Sounds weird? Just try it and see. Dancing before business meetings is the future!