Relation between Meditation, Sleep and Dreams

Q – During meditation, my mind wanders a lot. When will it settle down?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – The mind does not wander. It is in search of more and more. This search for more will lead to the Supreme Self. One glimpse of the Self is enough to lead you back. At least you are aware that the mind wanders. This is a big thing. Sometimes people do not even know this. Once you know this, it means it will come back.

Desires take you further away from the self. Small desires can disturb your meditation. When you sit down to meditate, tell yourself that you want nothing. Also, tell yourself that you will do nothing. The third sutra (principle) is that you are nothing. Do not think that you have to meditate. You do not have to make any kind of attempt. Just sit and be hollow and empty. These three sutras are very important.

Q – I see some images during meditation, is that ok?

Sri Sri - There is no need to pay attention to that. It is just an experience. In meditation, you may hear something, see some images or visions, but all these come and go. It is a form of stress release.

Q – Sometimes I sleep while meditating. Is that ok?

Sri Sri – It is alright if you sleep in the middle of the meditation. When your sleep is complete, you can meditate.

Q - What is the relationship between meditation, sleep and dreams?

Sri Sri – You meditate when you are awake as well as relaxed. You are not aware of anything in deep sleep. Only after you wake up do you get to know that you were sleeping. A dream is a dream. When the experiences that you already had reflect again in your mind and your consciousness, then it is a dream.

First published in the book, 'Question Basket'.

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