Disaster relief - Testimonial14


"I am residing in Manickkapangu and I am a fisherman. IAHV-Art of living changed our village and built the first English medium school here for all our children. After the school was built the panchayat members took initiative and built a roadway for this school. IAHV-Art of Living ‘adopted a village’ and without seeing any discrimination they built the houses for them. After Tsunami, many organizations came with the intention to help people but the only organization which built a school for the children and gave yoga courses to free from all the shock, was Art of Living. In Guruji’s school, students are given free books, notebooks and uniforms. In this school majority of the children who are poor and whose families were affected by Tsunami are studying. We never even dreamed that Guruji’s school will come up to this level. People are admitting their students in Guruji’s school because of the change in mannerisms of the students after joining this school".

  Tamil Nadu