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  1. Advanced Meditation Course

    Holiday with Meditation Rest and happiness make a real holiday. Often people go on a holiday and they come back tired and tanned, and needing a few more days to recuperate! A real holiday is that which energizes and does not wear you out. Remember, noth ...
  2. Meditation In The School

    Schools play an important role in nurturing children to grow up into responsible adults and good human beings. The teacher has a great responsibility towards the development of students. Meditation can help teachers to be calm and confident in dealing w ...
  3. Mantra Meditation

    The peace and happiness we feverishly seek in the world are already contained within us, covered only by the clouds of stress and strain. These clouds are lifted with Sahaj Samadhi meditation – a gift of wisdom from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. This is a mantr ...
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