Art Of Living Teacher Training

The Art of Living Teacher Training courses provides you with an opportunity to grow stronger within and serve society.  The course lays out the foundation for becoming a teacher of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Art of Living programs. Upon completion, it may be possible for you to become a Art of Living, yesplus, Yes! or Art Excel course teacher. 

The pre-requisites are: 

-     You must want to be an Art of Living Part 1, yesplus, Yes! or an Art Excel Teacher

-     You must be doing kriya every day

-     You will have taken your first Art of Living Part 1 course 1 year prior

-     You must be 20 years of age

-     You will have attended a minimum of 3 Art of Silence courses including one with Guruji (or 2 Art of Silence Courses if the course with Guruji was one week long)

-     You will have attended and have participated in a minimum of 4 Art of Living or yesplus courses as participants for the whole duration of the course (This is aside from volunteering for courses)

-     You need to have completed Art of Meditation course (Sahaj Samadhi) and be practicing twice a day

-     You will have completed the Ashtavakra Gita wisdom series, all 33 tapes, by the time you apply

-     You will have listened to all the Bhakti Sutras wisdom series by the time you apply

-     You will have listened to all of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali wisdom series by the time you apply

-    100% Vegetarian

-    Free from use of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs (for at least the past 3 months)

-    You will have organized (includes enrolling, finding location, registration, course accounting), from start to finish, two Art of Living or yesplus courses

-    You will have personally enrolled at least 50 people for the Art of Living Course and/or yesplus courses by the first day of the TTC, or about 10-15 people a month.  Please keep a list of the people you have enrolled with their contact information (phone and email), with course dates, city, state, and lead teacher

-    You must have completed the pre-TTC and must obtain a letter or recommendation from your Pre-TTC teacher

-    You must have a gap of minimum of 4 month between Pre-TTC and TTC.

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