Prison - Approach

The Solution - The Art of Living Foundation's prison program

Conceived by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar this unique Program specifically reaches out to all caught up in the crime-nexus, whether perpetrators, or victims; law-breakers, or law enforcers.The Art of Living PRISON SMART exists to circumvent the loss of valuable human resource that so often accompanies cycles of incarceration and release, and whose consequences reverberate through all sections of society.It aims to reform, transform and channelize this precious human resource into the upliftment of individual and society alike.The program opines that positive individuals with a progressive outlook form the foundation

The Art of Living PRISON SMART provides the structure to deliver the common goal of uplifting human values within the criminal and the law-enforcing justice community. The program is a valuable tool for all those working to end the cycle of violence and abuse in society, whether through law enforcement, social rehabilitation, conflict resolution or human development. We work in tandem with probation departments, family and juvenile court systems, administrators and correctional officers of penal institutions, law enforcement departments to implement the various activities of the PRISON SMART program.

We form strategic alliances with social service agencies and organizations whose clientele deal with the aftermath of crime and violence - i.e. ex-offenders’ transition, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, substance abuse programs, families of murder victims - to offer tools that alleviate the experience of trauma. Studies conducted in the criminal justice arena have shown that such programs help to reduce and further prevent relapse into criminal tendencies.

The Art of Living PRISON SMART is adaptable to serve the needs of institutions, law enforcement departments and social rehabiliation organizations.