Sep 21,2011-QA 3

Guruji, is there an end to birth and death or does it go on infinitely? When will the present Kaliyug

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

See, present Kaliyug is there only for five hundred years, and another twenty
thousand years in the big cycle. But in the small cycle the good period has started. Now is the transition
period and good period has started. Good people’s voice will be heard so don’t worry about having bad
Kaliyug is not all that bad, you should remember. Even in Satyug there were four raakshasas (demons).
They wouldn’t even allow you to do ‘Om Namo Narayana’ jaap at home. They would come with
a ‘talvaar’ (sword) and cut your head. You have heard all that. So don’t glorify Satyug as though there
was no crime then. I don’t think Kaliyug is so bad that all crime will be here now. So don’t sit down doing
nothing but blaming the time. This is wrong, we shouldn’t blame the time.