Sep 21,2011-QA 9

Guruji, when will inflation cease?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

When corruption ends. Inflation is related to corruption. You would be surprised to
know that we sell our sugar to the world for Rs.12 per kilo and in the domestic market for Rs.35 per kilo.

Some employees of Air India came up to me in Frankfurt and shared that Air India used to operate
a highly successful sector between Birmingham and New Delhi which was usually fully booked. This
sector was responsible for bringing in considerable profits for Air India. But one day a minister came and
terminated the flight services, why? So that he can allot this sector to another airline. The airline that
was allotted this sector was unsuccessful in making this route profitable and went into a loss and now
our national airline is also going into a loss. It is very unfortunate.
Other countries are operating their flights within our country and turning in profits. Then why is our
national airline incurring losses? We need to ask this question, don’t we? Our voices should be heard.
This country has been ruined not because of bad people but because good people like us keep quiet.