The Significance of Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima


Guru Purnima begins a new year for a spiritual seeker. It’s a day when you reflect back and be grateful for all that you have been given and that which you received. It’s a clearing of all the credits and debits from your spiritual account. On this day one should be grateful for what one has achieved in the past and think about what one wants to achieve in the coming year. The reflection of all the blessings and knowledge received, all the transformation that has happened makes one grateful towards the tradition of the masters who preserved this knowledge. And this is Guru Purnima.
Often we ask for small things in life. Our smaller desires anyways get fulfilled. Guru Purnima is the day to ask for whatever you want and it will be bestowed. Ask for the highest! The best desire is to ask for knowledge and freedom. And Guru purnima is the best day to do this!
Consciously or unconsciously you are all guru to somebody. You keep giving advices and guiding people, giving them loving care; without expecting anything in return: that is living the Guru principle. There is no difference between the divine, the Self and the Guru.

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Guru Purnima 2014 Celebrations

Guru is present like space in life.
You just sang this song, 'Ajo Ananthaya'. Ajo means Never Born, Ananthanya is Infinity, Nitya Shudha is Forever Pure, and Sat-chid-ananda is Pure Bliss.
Guru principle is like the space, and you cannot avoid space. Whether you recognize that there is space or not, is another question. You cannot escape from air. Whether you recognize there is air or not is another question. And today is the time for you recognize that there is air; there is space.

It is a privilege, a good fortune to have access to knowledge. Today is an occasion to remember, and to celebrate life with knowledge, life in knowledge, and life for knowledge.

You know, air is there everywhere but when you sit near the fan, you feel it. In the same way, in the world, in the universe, the Guru principle is there. When you recognize it, you feel so great, and you feel bliss.
Recognition of the existence of the Guru Principle, and the role it has played in life, is Guru Poornima.

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"Grace comes with gratitude.
If you feel grateful, then something comes up in your life - and that is grace."

~ Sri Sri

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