10 Guru Purnima Quotes by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Guru Purnima is the new year for spiritual seekers and a day of inner celebration. On this day, one should reflect upon the knowledge acquired in the past year and resolve to grow in the coming year.

The day of Guru Purnima is an opportune time to express our gratitude to the masters from all traditions over generations who have preserved this knowledge and passed it down to us. On this day, while we celebrate our inner joy, let us look at some profound quotes from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the Guru, and Guru Purnima and its significance.

  1. "Wanting spirituality is as natural as wanting deep rest, as wanting to be loved, as wanting comfort and happiness."
  2. "Guru is knowledge. Guru is love. Guru is light. There is no difference between Guru, God and the Soul."
  3. "Guru Purnima is celebrated to remind you that you are the light of the world and for the world. There is no good light and bad light. Light is light! So, don’t be too serious – be light!"
  4. "Sometimes you have no choice whether to be a student or a Guru. I didn’t want to be a Guru, but, by default, I am. If you keep teaching someone something, you become a Guru. You can deny it as much as you want, but you still remain a Guru because the Guru principle flows through you."
  5. "It is a day of reflection; to review on one's credits and debits and look at the balance sheet. It is a day to be grateful for all that we have achieved in the past year, and a day to resolve to do what we are here to do in the coming year. That is the essence of Guru Purnima."
  6. "Knowledge, movement, achievement, and freedom - These are the four aspects that one gains from having a Guru."
  7. "The greatest fortune in this world is to be a disciple or a devotee."
  8. "A Guru desires nothing from you except your well-being and progress on the path."
  9. "A Guru does not simply stuff you with knowledge, but he kindles life force in you."
  10. "A city without streets, a king without a treasury, a merchant without a business, a face without a nose, life without wisdom, and a life without a Guru is all considered the same."

Celebrate this Guru Purnima with Gurudev by joining the online celebrations on July 05, 2020.