15 May 2015 - QA 6

How to come out of suicidal thoughts? I am being made the culprit for so much negativity, which I can't bear.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Time and again, what happens is a cloud of negativity comes and bombards your head, isn't it? From college kids to retired people, this is a problem. In fact, it's not even a problem, it's a challenge. Suddenly negative clouds appear and everything seems so bad and life appears to be hopeless. Everyone appears to be cunning and you feel people are after you. So this negative cloud comes and takes over your mind. What to do? This is the time you have to remember to push the negative clouds away and save your mind. Make a resolve to yourself, " I won't let any negative clouds take over me and my life".

It is all about our perception. Our perception gets so distorted with the negative clouds and we keep doubting everything and everybody. And life appears meaningless and depression takes over. So when negative clouds hound you, first know that you are under the influence of a negative cloud. Second, stand up and say, "I am not going to be a victim of this, I am not going to be overcome by a negative cloud."

It is only for you to have this awareness and strength that we have satsang, sadhana and the Guru. Otherwise what else are they there for? So remember this – I have a Guru in my life, I have knowledge, I have wisdom, and I have meditation. And so I'm not going to let the negative cloud (which is an illusion) take over me. I will win over this illusion!
You will need to have this conviction.

Negative clouds are like a shadow. If you have your back towards light, what will you look at? A shadow! And a shadow appears small or big? It appears very big because you are not looking at the light! When you simply turn around and look at the light, the shadow disappears! One little turn is good enough. And that is what is called Gurumukhi turning yourself towards the knowledge.
Vimukhi is having your back towards the knowledge. When you turn towards the light, then you do not see the shadow and you will never be afraid of it.