08 Apr 2013 QA-13

Does chocolate block naadis?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

I don’t know about chocolates. You ask some nutritionists. Too much of anything is no good.

Anyways, what I would say is, don’t bring me chocolates or any sweet for that matter. You smile, that is good enough. I find so many people bringing sweets, chocolates; don’t bring all that.

Why waste money on all that? You can make better use of it.

In India, I say, ‘If you bring me sweets, I will feel that you are telling me that I am not sweet enough. I need to become sweeter. If you bring me flowers, then I will feel that you are telling me that I have not blossomed enough, and I need to blossom some more.’

If you want to give me such messages, then bring me flowers, garlands and sweets. Otherwise, just bring me your smile.

Instead of spending money on flowers and sweets, you can use it on some good service projects.