11 April 2013 - QA4

Dear Gurudev, I am in a comfortable job that pays me well. But these days, I get strong thoughts at times like, ‘What am I doing here? Am I supposed to be doing something more worthwhile?’ What do I do?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Yes, devote your free time to doing some good service, sadhana (spiritual practices) and satsang. All these are very precious to one’s life. Don’t keep sitting and watching movies every day, or TV serials every day.

This is what we do. Come back home, put on the television and keep watching day after day after day. This is all we do, and it is such a waste!

I am not against you watching TV, watch it, but once in a while; once a week or twice a week is good enough, but not every day. It is wasting time. Or keep one or two hours a day for service to the society. If not that, then keep one hour aside and write some knowledge; or go onto Facebook, or the social media and do that seva; spread the knowledge. What do you say? Good idea? It is creative and you will feel satisfied doing it.

Instead of just being a spectator, be a participant in this phenomenon called the universe. You should be a participant, or agent of change in society, rather than just watching television every day and looking at what is happening. Got it?

You can watch television, but not for two-three hours. Instead, dedicate one hour to doing some creative work.