11 January 2014 - QA 3

Gurudev, if there is one consciousness ruling, then why are some things said to be good, and some are bad?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

See, good and bad are always relative. There is nothing in the absolute.
If you go in space, there is no east, west, north or south. East, west, north, south are there when you are on earth. It is relative.

If you ask me whether vitamins are good or bad, I would say, in limitation they are good, but in excess they are bad.

Is milk good for you? Yes it is good, provided you drink only as much as is required. But if you drink twice as much, then the same milk is bad for you. Similarly, poison can save life if you are sick, and the same poison can take away your life if you are not sick and you drink it.