11 May 2012 - QA 7

If someone, whom you know loves and cares for you, doesn’t show it to you anymore, how do you still believe that they do and not get angry with them?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Give them some time, let them take a break and recharge them self to show you their care back again. People do need a little bit of recharging again and again.

You have drawn all that love and attention from them and it needs a little more time to get recharged. Just know they are recharging their batteries.
If you demand from someone to show you their love, it is not going to work. On the contrary, it will be counterproductive. So never demand and never question, ‘Why don’t you love me?’ Don’t say that.

In fact, you should say the other way around, ‘Why do you love me so much? I don’t deserve it. Why do you love me so much? You love me too much, I can’t take it anymore.’ Tell them this and you will see everything changes. You know, it is such a burden for someone to prove their love for you.

Suppose someone tells you the same thing, ‘I don’t think you love me, come on show me.’

Then you will think, ‘Oh my God, how should I prove that I really love him.’ It is such a burden and nobody wants to carry such a burden on their head all the time.

Everyday you come home and prove that you really love your spouse at home. No! Take it for granted and move on. Don’t try to make someone accountable to prove their love for you.