12 Apr 2013 QA-1

Dear Gurudev, how can I be grateful for a person, for all his help and care. How to say to him that I want to follow my own path, without hurting him?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Do it skillfully. Now don’t ask me, what is the skill?

Remember this one verse, it is very useful, Three doors to hell.

There are three doors to hell – Lust, Greed and Anger. If greed takes over, it is going to put you in hell. That is why, chuck the greed.

The same is with anger and lust. If you are too lustful, you become so blind towards the feelings of others, that you violate their space. Lust will also pull you in hell.

So, greed, lust and anger, if three things are not in your control, they take control over you, and you are going in hell. If they are under your control, then you are safe.

Is that clear?

In your own life, see whether these three things have overpowered you. Then it has made you miserable.

Hell means what? Misery; makes you totally unhappy. But if you have a say over them, you become powerful and it brings you more happiness.