13 August 2012 - QA 1

How important is faith?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

You cannot exist without faith!

Listen, suppose you have come here in a car and you have parked the car in the parking area. Now when you are sitting here you have faith that the car will be there when you go back, isn’t it?! So, without this faith can you exist? No!

First, you should have faith in yourself.

There are three types of faith which are important

1. Faith in yourself. If you do not have faith in yourself it is called paranoia. It is a disease.

2. Faith in the goodness of people around you. There are good people in the world, you should have that faith; otherwise you cannot move one inch in society.

3. Faith in the unknown; faith in the abstract power which seems to be running everything. That is the third type of faith.

So, of these three faiths, the first two are very essential; the third will make life much better.