15 July 2014 - QA 12

Dear Gurudev, after meditating with you today all my pain has gone. How do you do that Gurudev? How do you know where I have pain?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

leave you to wonder about it.
See, pain is not just in the body or just in the mind, it is somewhere where between the body and the mind, where they both meet.
When a local anesthesia is given, some nerves are numbed and you don’t feel the pain, even though you are awake.

Sometimes there is nothing in the body, but there is pain in the mind. Emotional pain is all caused only in the mind, but again it cannot be only in the mind or only in the body but somewhere where these two meet.
Meditation is definitely something that takes you above misery and pain. That is why the Guru is called the medicine for the worldly diseases.
Mind is caught in the diseases of aversion, anger, hatred, cravings and the Guru is the doctor and the medicine. 'Bhishaje bhava roginam'.