16 July 2013 - QA 7

Gurudev, I understand that you are equally dear to everyone, but why don’t we all have the heavenly experience of talking, walking, chatting and playing with you? What kind of karma have some of the other volunteers done to be so close to you?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Listen, do not worry, you have all good karma!

When I am walking, just elbow some people, come forward, and ask me what you want to ask. Do not be shy, stay in the back and expect me to call!

I do my visits; today one of the volunteers was crying in the kitchen. I went, spoke to her and gave her food. She is happy now! She was feeling so low, left out, nobody is talking to her or caring for her. I said to her, why do you think like that?

Many of the miseries are made in our own mind; the reservations and barriers that we put on our own self.

I make it a point to meet everybody, look at everybody, see who is happy and not happy, and where I should put my attention. I keep on doing this. However, if you feel that you want to talk to me, don’t compare yourself with others! I go for a walk, you come and talk to me. If the same people are around me even while I am walking, if they are bugging me, you come, elbow them and talk.

This is because sometimes the same person comes and asks me the same question five times; so, you can come, take your chance. It is open to all; nobody is going to think bad about you; you are most welcome, to elbow!

Don’t do gate crashing at the kutir. There I keep work meetings, so don’t bang on the door there! Send your request and come. Anybody who waits there, I do meet them from time to time. Here, in Canada, it is so easy, unlike in India.

Even in India, I make it a point to satisfy everybody, no one goes disappointed. In spite of hundreds and thousands of people, I see that I look at everybody and I somehow make everyone happy; at least I think so. Sometimes, practically it may not be possible, then you must understand the limitations of those things. Here, it is not as big a rush, it is a small party. Just join the party and enjoy. Don’t be a witness back there and expect an invitation from somebody, got it? This is a free for all party!