18th December 2012 - QA 2

Gurudev, I am experience some intense vibrations especially when I am in bliss. Can you please talk about different levels of layers of energy in our body?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

This entire universe is nothing but vibrations. It is all made up of waves, vibrations, and energy.

When your vibrations do not match with the vibrations of others you call it negative, and when your vibrations match with other vibrations, it is harmonious and you call it bliss.

When your energy becomes such that it becomes universal, then whatever the outer circumstances may be, you remain oblivious to it.

We went to Machu Pichu in South America; in Peru, and the people asked me, 'How do you feel the vibrations here? '

I said, 'I do not feel anything', this is because wherever we go we create our own vibrations.
So I do not say, ‘Oh, this is negative and that is not.’

Of course, when people are agitating, upset or sad, it definitely creates negative vibrations around you; no doubt. But remember that they are not as powerful as your positive vibrations. It may appear to you that they are over powering, but in reality it is not so.