2 Nov 2012 QA - 3

Is unconditional love towards a married person a crime?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Suppose you are the husband or wife of a person who is being loved unconditionally by somebody else, would you like it? Come on, this is not love, it is an emotional entanglement, get out of it.

Be firm and solid where you are, in yourself. Don’t try to break somebody else’s family; better you keep out, okay?

There are 7 billion people on the planet; nearly half of them are unmarried. You will find somebody better than the person whom you are entangled with.

I understand, when you are emotionally attached, nothing else comes to your head; you are in a bubble. You are in a little world of your own, thinking, sitting, talking, eating, sleeping, you think only about that person, you go crazy. This is the moment when you should remember that one day you are going to die. When you become aware of death, suddenly this moha, this illusion that you have gotten entangled into, leaves you. You should just remember about your own death. Knowledge of death sometimes makes life very intense, and very well founded. Otherwise, we live as if we are going to live here forever.