23 June 2013 - QA 13

Sri Sri often love dies after a few years of marriage. How to stay in love forever?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Never doubt the love of your spouse or ask them to prove their love for you. The burden to prove something is very big, it is terrible. If someone tells you to prove it to them that you really love them or not, it weighs very heavy on your heart. Never ask for proof of someone’s love.

At time, their expressions may change, it may become a little different. If you find that their attention towards you is getting lesser, ask them, 'Why you love me so much', instead of complaining that they don’t love you. Then even if they do not love you so much they will start loving you more.

One must take a positive outlook towards the expression of love. It’s a delicate thing. You cannot force someone to love you. It’s impossible. It’s also impossible to force yourself to love somebody. It all has to dawn from within you in a natural and delicate manner. This is where you need skill and the skill comes to you from wisdom

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