23 May 2012 - QA 5

When did you realized that you are meant to be Guruji?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

There is a nice story in the Ramayana.

That was a stray dog that was walking on the street and someone threw a stone at the dog and chased it. So the dog went to court.

It is said that in Lord Rama’s court, everyone got justice, even animals.
So, the dog went to court and said, ‘The road is for everybody. It doesn't say anywhere on the road that dogs are not permitted here. I was walking on the road and this man hurt me; you should punish him.’

So Lord Rama asked the person if it was true. The person could not lie, and agreed that he had hurt the dog.

In those days, they used to ask the victims on what punishment should be given to the culprit.

So when the dog was asked on what punishment should be given to the man who hurt him with the stone, the dog said, ‘Make him the head of a religious institution. Make him a Guru of some Ashram.’

The people said that this is a very strange punishment.

The dog said, ‘Why are you asking? Just make him that. I was also a Guru in my past life, see what has happened! Then before dying, I thought that I should have been a stray dog that would have been better than being a Guru. See, that is why I have become a dog now. I had so much trouble. He too should become the head of an Ashram, and then he will experience what is trouble in life, and what is pain, and what is suffering.’

It is a very funny story in the Ramayan.

See, one who goes around saying, ‘I am a Guru’, does not become a Guru. The Guru tatva manifests in one who does not proclaim to be a Guru. One who remains simple and natural is a Sadguru.

And a little bit of this Guru tatva is present in every one of you as well. You also now and then give some good advice to someone or the other, and you also spread love and joy to those around you, isn’t it?!

We must love and serve others without wanting anything in return. This is important.

Usually, we think, I gave so much love to that person, what he gave me in return. In this way, we try to make the other person feel that we have done them a great favor by loving them, this we must not do.

Love is your nature, love does not mean that you keep saying, ‘Oh I love you so much’, no! It is acting with dignity, naturalness, compassion and simplicity, and we are born with these qualities.

If sometimes you need be firm then be firm. You can get angry only when there is love.

Nevertheless, surrender all your qualities and become hollow and empty. To come closer to the Guru tatva, this is what you need to do – surrender all your positive and negative qualities and be happy.