24 May 2012 - QA 10

Whenever I come to ashram, I don’t inform my people at home. I also tell lies and make excuses at college to be here. I am handling these things skillfully; however, at times I get fed up of telling these lies.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

No, you should not tell lies. See, you don’t have to keep coming here again and again. Wherever you are, keep doing your meditation every day.
You are anyways able to see me every day. Even now, this satsang is being webcasted and lakhs of people all over the world are seeing me.

It is okay if you come here about once or twice a year, but if you come here every day then obviously they will oppose this at home. Even if I were in their place, I would oppose to this.

So don’t do like this. Concentrate on your studies and your profession, and try to become an ideal person, alright? It is more important to follow the teachings rather than just coming to Ashram and seeing my face.