24 May 2013 QA - 4

How to accept a person or a spouse as they are?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

I have no experience in this! I think you can turn around and find many who can give a lot of advice. Ask them and see which one works for you!

This is where Vedanta comes into the practical side of life. You will see the whole past is gone, it is like a dream, finished. At least now, be enthusiastic! This moment!

It is up to you to create enthusiasm every moment in your life. How can you do it? You can’t do it if you are holding onto the past. You must simply kick the past. Let go of it.

Okay, yesterday they made a mistake, never mind. Some pleasant things happen, some unpleasant things happen, some good things happen, some bad things happen. Throw them all!

Right now, your job is to create positive energy and enthusiasm in the atmosphere, and see that there is more love in the family. Can we all do this? This is living in wisdom!

Once in six months or a year, if you want to complain, sit and complain for an hour and then forget about it. But don’t do it every day.

I don’t ask you to be goody-goody things all the time. Life is a combination of everything, sometimes fights, anger, and joy. Life should have multi-colors; you should have all colors in life, no need to have one uniform.

However, you should be able to snap out of all this little flickering of the mind, and this knowledge will help you. Everyday wake up and say, ‘Shivoham, I am the consciousness, pure and beautiful.’

So, today for Buddha Poornima, take this beautiful message with you, ‘Everything is nothing.’

‘Appa Deepo Bhava’, which means, be a light unto yourself. You are light.
So go back home happily and just before going to sleep, remember all these knowledge points.
It is good to bring it to your conscious memory a couple of times.

Next two days also, if you recollect this knowledge, it will stay longer with you.

There are two things. One is shravana, which means listening. The other is manana, which means bringing the knowledge to your mind, your conscious attention a few times. Both are important and will help a lot.

What you need to remember is that, everything is nothing, it is all a dream. The past is a dream, future is a dream, now, present is a dream; the world is of dream nature. And you are light onto yourself.