24 October 2012 - QA 1

Gurudev, in this world, there are both Mahatmas (great souls) and there are Rakshashas(demons). Those who follow the Mahatmas become Sattvic. Then the Rakshashas try to suppress the Sattvic ones. At such times, what must be done?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

It is necessary for the good people to be united.

Society has deteriorated not because of a few bad people, but because of the silence of the good ones.

Those with good intentions keep quiet and don’t even go to vote.

They think, ‘Why should we be concerned, anyways we cannot do anything. Let us do our work and be happy’.

With such apathetic feelings they sit quiet. This is not right, you need to become active.

Inertness should not be considered a good quality.

If a person remains inactive, and does nothing and then he says, ‘I am a good person’, that goodness is of no use. If you are good and are compassionate, then do some work as well. Isn’t it?

That which you can set right, you should set it right, and that which you cannot correct, which is beyond your capacity, for that prayer is the best option.

That is why four things are very important in life: Bhakti, Mukti, Shakti and Yukti.
With Yukti (right tactic or skill), you can get your work done. Shakti (power) is also required in life. But only Yukti and Shakti will not work. Along with that you need Bhakti (faith) and Mukti (liberation) as well.

Do you know, when you feel a sense of freedom from within, that brings so much strength in you that whatever work you want to do will be accomplished effortlessly.

Good people should never think that they are weak. Where are you weak? You have such immense power, you must recognize it.
Remember what happened the day before yesterday?
Do you know why the elephant got so scared when she came here (Yagyashala)?
(Referring to Indrani (Ashram Elephant) who was brought to participate in the Chandi Homam)

She got scared because she saw herself on the screen, and she thought there was another elephant standing. She didn’t realize that it is her own reflection. So we had to put off that screen.

The same thing happens with us. We have lost our identity and don’t know who we are. Once we understand this, there will be no sorrow in life.