25 february 2012 - QA 37

How does one come out of the cycle of birth and death?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Why do you want to come out of it? Because you find it miserable, right?
But when life is blissful, then you coming back to the planet will help a lot of people on this planet in the future. So why shouldn’t you come back?

Suppose I come back next time, wouldn’t you like to comeback with me, and have a lot of fun here? We can have a lot of fun! Life is all fun.

Ananda dhi khilbi bhootani jayanti’, the whole world is made out of bliss. We have come to play here. Take life as leela or play.

This is the greatest gift of India to the world; we said, ‘Life is a game’; ‘Life is a play’. It is not a struggle. When you think of life as a struggle, you are miserable.

Just see, on a football ground, you will find people falling and fighting over one little ball. If you see it all as a struggle, you wonder why they are struggling so much. Just give one ball to each one of the players, let them kick it in the goal, and sit in the goal if they want to! However, if you see all this as a play, then it is fun! Someone is pushing the ball from here, someone is kicking it there. The whole thing is a game. There is fun.

In the same way, you see life as leela, as a game, not as a struggle. This answers most of the philosophical questions that the world poses.