27 July 2013 - QA 7

Gurudev, according to the Law of Karma, things are destined for you based on your past actions, and the Law of Attraction says you create your own experiences, consciously or unconsciously. I am confused, please explain.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

There are certain karmas that you can erase. There are certain karmas that you cannot erase; they are just like exit points in the freeway, you can only exit at these points. If you miss an exit point, then you have no choice but to keep driving till the next exit point.
Life is like that; there are many choices that you can make; there are many turning points at which you can turn, but if you miss those points, you have to wait till you reach another turning point. Don’t worry; many turning points do come on the way. Now, if you are in between two turning points, then you feel helpless; and that is destiny.