27 October 2012 QA - 1

Gurudev, when our focus is outward we feel jealous. In the same way, if we see the Guru outwardly also can we get trapped in jealousy?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:


Many times we think, ‘See Gurudev has given him a garland but he has not given me’, or, ‘Gurudev spoke to him but not to me’, or ‘Gurudev did not smile at me. Is he angry with me?’
These are all projections of your own mind. Why should I be angry with you? If you do a mistake, why should I be angry? No way. If someone has done something wrong, he will automatically pay for it. So never think that the Guru is angry with you, or is ignoring you. It is not like that.

Outward appearances and behaviors are like that only. Don’t look at outwardly behavior, instead keep your attention inward and realize that you are very dear to God. You are no less than anyone else my dear. If this one thought gets solidified in your mind, then jealousy will not touch you.