27 October 2012 QA - 5

Gurudev, sometimes I am not able to understand the knowledge given by you. What should I do so that I can get both your love and knowledge?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Whatever you find difficult to understand, it is not to be understood at all. If it is all going above your head, let it go. Take only what you can understand.

See, everyone’s capacity to gain knowledge is different, but to be in love, to be in devotion you don’t need any capability. When it comes to devotion, everyone is same and equally capable. There is no special qualification for it.

Now, when we talk about knowledge, then yes, everyone has a different capacity. Some people have a higher capacity for knowledge and some have a lesser capacity, but this does not make any difference when there is devotion and a feeling of oneness.

Don’t think that only if you are knowledgeable God become happy with you, or become fond of you. It is not like that. The purpose of knowledge is for your own joy.

To purify your intellect, you need Knowledge.

To purify your heart, you need Love.

To purify your karma, you need Seva.

All three should go together.