28 December 2012 - QA 1

Dear Gurudev, can you please tell us more about the lineage of the masters?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Well, we do not know when it exactly began, since it goes back many thousands of years.

The knowledge of Yoga, Meditation, and the knowledge that the whole of the universe is created by One energy, has been passed down through the tradition of the Masters.

Usually when you create something, the creator is separate and the object is separate.

For example, if you were to create a candle, you would think - this candle is different from me, and you would keep it apart and away from yourself. You would think, ‘It is my creation but it is not me.'

So, this is usually what people think, the Creator and this Creation are two separate things. But if you say God is omnipresent, meaning present everywhere, he must be present inside the Creation as well.

Where is the space for something to exist outside of it, if something is omnipresent? Isn't it?!

If I am all powerful, can there be something else which is more powerful than me? Not possible.

So the Creation and Creator are not two different things. There is only One thing.

Now, how do we understand this, that the Creator and the Creation are one?
Through the example of a dance and the dancer. Can you separate a dance from the dancer? No! It is impossible.

If you have to see the dance, you can only see it through the dancer.

A painter and his painting are different. A painter can paint a painting and move away, and there will still be a painting. But a dancer cannot move away from his dance.

So the Creation and the Creator are like the dance and the dancer.

That energy, which we call God, or Love, or Light, is permeating the whole of creation, and every particle of the universe.

This is the essence of the ancient knowledge, and this is exactly what modern science, and quantum mechanics explains as well.

The whole world is made up of One field; One energy.

This solves so many riddles of the theologians.